What’s In A Name?

family, garden, small town life

Regarding the naming of people on this blog. I figured I’d keep it to initials because it’s my blog and so I think everyone should stay relatively anonymous unless they want it otherwise. That being said, Uncle G would prefer to be known around these parts as Uncle Gee, and Brother 2 has a problem with being “just a number” so I apparently must refer to him as Brother T, which I personally think runs the risk of sounding like we are in a cult, but so be it. Brother 1 has yet to read my blog, but in the interests of sameness, he will henceforth be Brother J.


4 thoughts on “What’s In A Name?

  1. My son has forever called my daughter “Sister.” He rarely uses her name and when he does it makes us all turn and take notice because it sounds so strange. Everyone thinks he sounds like he belongs with the Bernstain Bears.


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