Top 5 : May 18-22


This week’s Top 5 are brought to you by spring breezes and luxe hand-cream.

Luxe hand-cream, you say? YES. My friend Anne Marie is a beautiful person inside and out. Her beautiful shop, named after her grandmother, was one of the most welcoming, elegant, sophisticated, best-smelling, luxurious, SOFT, decadent places. Yes! All of those things!

Anne Marie is starting a new chapter in her life and her shop is now closed, but she held the BEST sale on Facebook Live a couple weeks ago and I snagged some of my FAVORITE THINGS that make me feel like I am not currently surrounded by moving boxes and using a $20 foldable plastic table I picked up from a sketchy FB Marketplace Ad at a remote storage unit.* NO, when I burn one of the Tokyo Milk candles and apply some Lollia perfumed lotion, I am suddenly in my Parisienne pied-Ă -terre, swathed in some sort of soft silky fabric, reclining on my velvet chaise-longue and I also know how to pronounce all the things I just typed.

So: TokyoMilk literally anything in their “Song in Dm” scent.

NEXT: The Victoriocity Podcast

I LOVE a good audio drama or fiction podcast. My brother and SIL got me hooked on a few amazing ones, and I should write a whole post about those.** Recently, I saw someone recommend the most amazing audio-drama in the comments section of a different blog and I listened to the ENTIRE THING in a couple of days. It is called “Victoriocity” and

The premise? A steam-punk, mechanical, electricized version of London in the 1880s. A society debutante and a hard-boiled kind of bumbling detective join forces to stop a widespread criminal plot. The narration is BRILLIANT, the entire thing is witty beyond belief, and I was laughing out loud and marveling at the sound design the whole time.

NEXT: Tillamook Mudslide Ice Cream

Tillamook mudslide ice cream. For some reason, the main type of frozen dessert in the south is frozen custard and, guys, I just don’t get it. ICE CREAM IS WHERE IT’S AT. And Tillamook is almost unbeatable. For those of you who say that the Mudslide flavor has “too much chocolate” or is “too rich” JUST GET OUTTA HERE AND GO FIND A DIFFERENT BLOG.

THEN: Carcassonne board game and every.expansion.pack.

Just like you, my fam has been stuck in quarantine for the last 742 years. We started playing this board game sometime around Christmas and then we quickly added in a bunch of expansions once we were stuck in the house, and we are STILL NOT TIRED OF IT. Part puzzle, part strategy, part board game, part feudal system…if you like board games, try this one!


There’s no link for that, obviously, but I started following this hashtag on Instagram called #peonylove, and now my feed is just filled with the most beautiful flowers unfurling all across the world. I also have some in my bedroom, on the coffee table, and on the canvas.

There they are, my Top 5 for the week! I’d love to hear what’s gotten you through the week or if any of the above resonated!!

TOP 5 DISCLAIMER: So, I don’t get paid for any of those opinions. I wish someone WOULD pay me for my opinions. I have so many of them.

*we should talk about this story sometime

**and I will


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