A Social Media Break and Weeding the Garden


A social media break and weeding the garden go hand-in-hand, don’t they? It’s almost like one is a metaphor for the other.

Right now, I’m sitting in the little kitchen in the house in Upstate NY and I’m wearing dirty gardening clothes, a sweaty baseball hat (let’s go Mets!). I’m letting the setting sun stream through the windows and fall across the table and I want to share pictures of the things I did today: visited a bookstore that went out of business and all the books were free! I have the first little seedlings from the flower seeds I planted last week, I’m making a delicious recipe tonight, my peonies are blooming, the sun is shining gloriously day after day and everything is so green and beautiful. But Instagram tends to be the place I go for sharing those things, and Instagram seems to have become a battle zone, and all I want to share paintings and gardens with you.

There is this unpleasant feeling on the Internet lately. There is constant bickering and, worse, shaming of everyone who doesn’t agree exactly with you. There is no place, it seems, for someone who doesn’t want to talk politics, but does want to share shots of the garden.

And that isn’t to say that we shouldn’t talk about the important things. We should. It’s just…we also need creativity and beauty and joy to counterbalance all the darkness and misery and hate of this broken, fallen world.

I don’t have a big, overarching theme right now. My own thoughts are muddled with all the pressing circumstances of the world. Muddled by small things, too. But I wanted to share a little bit about where I am during this pause. I know I can’t be the only one who feels tired of bad news, social distancing, sad news, injustice, and the feeling that you can never let your defenses down even a little bit. It’s nice to garden, to go out and weed the good from the bad, to relax in the morning light with a cup of coffee.


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